24 hours of healing.

I have been experiencing extreme back pain quite regularly. Christmas day was extremely back and tight. It hurt to sit up from laying down, and even to lift my leg up to stop over the dog while walking. I ended up having some time alone in the evening, I stood up, bent at the waist and hung upside down. Very painful so I propped my hands up with pillows until the pain subsided. My back was very tight, however, I could feel the stretching happening. I felt emotion surface. I began to cry, quite a bit. It eventually passed and I woke up with a little less pain. I worked on my remedies in the evening and took time with Satphisagria, Rhus Tox, Nat Mur, Palladium, and Lachesis. I was very aware of some tightness in my lower abdomen/stomach while doing these remedies, and could feel the emotions leaving. It started as strong tightness. I felt them travel up my body and be released with a yawn, a sign of letting go. 

This morning, woke up before my alarm. I took Rhus Tox up to 1M, some of the pain subsided. I got out of bed to do Chi Gong before work. It helped quite a big. A majority of the pain dissipated, simply tight to stretch but easier to hang upside down (while standing, bend at the waist). During the tapping section of the Chi Gong video, I felt my thyroid/throat area begin to tickle/itch. It still is 5+ hours later. Also, I became aware of my asthma symptoms. I suffered from asthma as a child and only use my inhaler once or twice a year now. However, since on this healing journey, I have become aware of the feelings of tightness in my chest once or twice. I am at work and coughing a bit more, also my tightness is still in my chest but my back has much less pain. Quite wonderful. I have taken my Rhus Tox remedy for my low back up to 2M and may try Arsenicum for my asthma symptoms. 

Also, with all that is happening in my body, I often feel intense throbbing in different areas of my body. Thigh, ankle, side, back, low stomach, and more. Quite amazing to have this awareness. 

Awareness, Healing, & Letting Go.

I have been on a healing journey for a while now. Releasing suppressed emotions, learning how to let go, and maintain awareness in the present moment rather than getting caught up in circumstances that are beyond my control. 

As I continue to let go, I encounter more awareness. I have been suffering from low back pain (primarily always on the left side) for a while now. In the past, it would arise every few months or so and I was confident it would pass. I most often believed my back pain was due to lifting too heavy, strain during a workout, or sleeping on a poor mattress. Since experiencing my reoccurring back pain, I have flipped and rotated my mattress, made an effort to expand my awareness and try to find out the root cause of this pain. 

I have been working with a integrative psychologist who understands how the mind and body work together. I have released stuck emotions, worked with homeopathy, added meditation practices and chi gong into my life. Since working to release suppressed emotions, my low back pain has become more frequent. Often, stretching is too painful and barely touches the stiffness I feel. I have been working even more intensely with my homeopathic remedies from my therapist who uses the power of intention to heal the body.

I recently went to have acupuncture with Bob, whom I visit on occasion. He provided me with some powerful awareness which I want to share. Bob began to explain, that often, when we are holding on to something for a while and something interrupts that process and we begin to let go, there is a process our bodies have to begin to experience in order to fully let go. A dance happens, our bodies begin to let go but try to hold on. This process can often take a while and cause pain to arise with no rhyme or reason. 

For instance, I did not have a steady income for a while and I began to have self-doubt, negative self-talk, etc due to not having a steady income and experiencing of feelings inadequacies. However, that all changed and I have been blessed with an amazing job that I love. My body is finally letting go of the negative self-talk I held on to for quite a while, and in the process, the emotions that were suppressed are finally releasing. However, to get experience ultimate health, our bodies may have to get worse before getting better, just as I am experiencing right now. My body is in the process of letting go, but feelings I have suppressed over time can’t just be released in one night. 

As a result, I am continually aware of my body, how I feel, and what needs to be accomplished to maximize my health. I worked through my remedies last night after a long day of pain. I woke up feeling significant pain, but I worked with my homeopathic remedy – Rhus Tox and did Chi Gong, an ancient healing practice used for grounding and surprisingly, the pain has been very minimal after. 

Healing of the body is not always a quick fix. Often, to get completely better, time must be taken to ensure we are giving the body all the healing available in a variety of forms. Sickness does not just occur overnight, rather, it is a process and is related to all forms – our physical, emotional and spiritual areas of our life. 

Whether you are healthy or ill, I urge you seek out a new kind of healing. Make a new years resolution to explore different grounding practices or hobbies to promote healing and well-being. You may surprise yourself by encountering a world you may never knew existed! 



About Rhus Tox, Also known as the “Rusty Gate Remedy”  http://www.1-800homeopathy.com/rhus-tox-5.html  

About Chi Gong http://nqa.org/resources/what-is-qigong/

Thoughts to Ponder from my acupuncturist

When you know why you’re doing something, the motivation is a lot easier to find.

It is possible to accept the essence of a gift but let go of the object.

When people turn away from lean protein and healthy fats, they crave sweets as an instinctive survival mode – seen especially in young females who are active and health conscious.

People learn a lot when out of comfort zone and away from normal surrounding influxes. You have the time to ponder, think, explore and discover. Decide who you are and your core and what you believe. You begin to have open awareness for life and beliefs.

When you’re young, this is the time to travel. Explore, talk to people from all different points of view. No commitments or attachments. Just get to know a person and their inner soul.

“If you’re sleeping a lot, it may be due to necessary healing in body. Circadiam Rythms for organs. Sleep between 11pm and 3am is most vital for the liver and gallbladder. Importance of morning digestion for the stomach between 7am and 11am. Sleeping in is a sign of internal healing of the mind, body, and/or soul and uses extra energy to repair and remove toxins from the body.”

When diving, you become one with nature. Just be, stop, and watch the fish approach out of curiosity. It’s important to let our bodies to rest and just be. Whether we are diving or not, our bodies gain great benefits from simply sitting in silence every single day. “Nowhere I have to be so enjoy this time.” It’s important to take time to rest. We don’t need to fill every minute with activities.  

Health Benefits of Meditation: http://foodmatters.tv/articles-1/7-health-benefits-of-meditation

How to Let Go of Things that Don’t Serve You http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-11413/how-to-let-go-of-things-that-dont-serve-you.html

RAIN – R- Recognize why something is happening  A – Allow life to be just as it is, I – Investigate your inner experience with kindness, N – Nonidentification

RAIN from Yoga Journal: http://www.yogajournal.com/wisdom/2653


If you’re in a rut, …

If you’re in a rut, been stuck in the same place for a while and unable to pull yourself out, try something different. Insanity is described as doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. This may mean being open to something you have been opposed to forever, suppressing your ego with the possibility you are going to be proven wrong. If you haven’t been accomplishing your goal, what do you have to lose?

This could apply to so many aspects of your life. If you’re sick and keep following the doctors advice but no progress is being made, try something different, do some research, western medicine does not have all the answers. Visit a naturopath, try energy healing, acupuncture, or seeing a pyscho psychologist. If you’re unhappy about your body, try working towards your dream body but start with your mental state. Every morning, say one nice thing about yourself. Create a vision board with images and quotes. Your subconscious needs images and does not know the difference between what is real and what is make believe. Tell yourself you are already ten pounds lighter or have fantastic defined abs while looking at a fit girls picture. Sit down, close your eyes and visualize your body ten pounds lighter with ripped abs and strong legs.

If you notice you are craving the wrong foods, take a hard look at your diet. When people turn away from lean protein and healthy fats, they begin to crave sweets as an instinctive survival mode. Especially in young females who are active and health conscious.

Ask yourself one question: Why are you not open to learning or trying something new? If you’re stuck in a rut, what is one visit to a naturopath, energy healer, or even trying a new gym? Although these are two complete opposite examples, the point is why are we all so set in our ways and not open to having new experiences? We get so defensive when someone else has a different experience, most don’t even want to hear it. For what reason? Because our ego is so big? If only more people would be open to hearing all sides of a story before assuming they know all the answers. What if trying something new could really change a life or save someone from the common struggle of being in a rut and having to experience the same mental, emotional, or physical pain that the individual may be experiencing.

People learn a lot when they are placed out of their comfort zone. Just think about doing something different for a change.

The Five Plants Bees Love Best

In hopes of having honeybees come spring time, I thought I would share this to remind me of top five plants to be used. Also, even if you don’t desire to have bees, you can always help by growing bee-friendly plants!

Romancing the Bee

Okay, I’ve accepted that all of you aren’t going to become beekeepers, despite my best efforts to persuade you to don a beesuit and pick up a smoker and a hive tool.

Some of you are allergic.  Some of you just can’t understand how I can enjoy playing with critters that sometimes sting me. Beekeeping isn’t  for everyone, and that’s okay.

So is there anything you can do to help save the bees? Absolutely!

As most of you know, bees collect nectar and pollen from plants for food. They make honey from the nectar. Pollen is their sole protein source (honey bees are vegetarians) and they use it to make food for their young.

Some plants have more nectar and pollen than others. According to  Dr. Vetaley Stashenko, an apiculturist, naturopath and apitherapist, the five top plants to support the honeybees with nectar and pollen throughout the season are Borage…

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Taboo, as an adjective, is defined as “prohibited or restricted by social custom.”

I have come to believe perhaps taboos are simply due to one’s own inability to be open to other’s lifestyles or choices. Also, an individual, or group, may be unhappy with their life and thus feel the need to criticize another’s choices. When you judge, you are simply hurting yourself by not allowing yourself to experience love on a minute by minute basis. Instead, you are holding on to judgments and not allowing yourself to be the bigger person in life thus, seeing the person for who they truly are.

For instance, in the United States often tattoos are considered taboo. Don’t lie, if you don’t have them you may have looked at the individual flaunting them and judge. You wonder, what type of person would get tattoos or what inspired them to do something so permanent to their body (in the past, I have even done it, I am admitting guilt and know I am not perfect). However, before you judge next consider the person who has them. What if they had a past traumatic experience and they began self-expression through body art. Perhaps, they decided on a tattoo of their grandparents names as a reminder of dear loved ones that have now become their guardian angels. Or, I recently saw a picture of someone who had the words “Discipline Your Dedication” tattooed down their side to remind them of their desire to be fit and remain dedicated to their healthy lifestyle, also reminding them of where they came from and where they are going. What if the person showcasing their tattoos has so much love in their heart and they do so much good, for example everyday they donate any spare change they have to the homeless man they pass along the street corner on their way to work. My thought: One cannot possibly begin to judge another being simply based on a way of self-expression.

Another taboo: Bodybuilding for women, especially. If a woman wants to get crazy, amazingly fit and strong with beautiful muscles, who is it to judge or tell her she is doing something wrong? Women will NEVER bulk like men because we simply do not have the testosterone men have. The dedication needed to obtain a body that can compete among the best in some of the most elite fitness competitions across the country is extraordinary and instead of judging we could most definitely afford to learn something from these women. They are strong, dedicated, disciplined, and most of all beautiful for allowing nothing nor no one to get in the way of their dreams.

Age tends to be a taboo in a variety of ways. The age you marry or decide to have kids. What if you are just exploring in your twenties? Dating those who are worthwhile regardless of age or life experiences. No judgement, your twenties are the time to explore and get real about who you are and where you are going, not to mention what you want out of life. What if you fall in love with someone eight years younger or twenty years older, if you truly love then that is rare and you should soak it up for as long as you can and feel lucky and blessed you found someone to share such a brief glimpse of time with. What age are you going to stop worrying about being active or fit (for those who are older why shouldn’t you be able to walk and be fit for as long as you live?). If you are a certain age for instance right out of college you should immediately have a job. Eventually, you should own a car, a new and expensive one to show much money you have while you flaunt it to the world.  Instead of following along, what if you lived within your means, saved money so that you could enjoy a little more lavish lifestyle when you retire. In the meantime, share some money with others who are more in need and desperate, struggling to survive. You’ll have less to flaunt to all your neighbors but I bet you will be able to sleep better at night and be less stressed about financial struggles while feeling better knowing you did a few good deeds along the way.

What about walking away from civilization and living off the land. I would bet that individuals who live such lifestyles are much happier. After being in the city yesterday so many people look unhappy, are glued to technology (walking while texting, emailing, conversing on the phone) and missing so many of the sites they continue to miss everyday. They look stressed and unhappy. Truthfully, I think a little green grass, tall trees, and gardening could do those people some good. There is such a healthy energy vibrating from the Earth. Have you stepped barefoot onto the green grass today? Where I live, time is running out until Spring time, I suggest you get some healthy chi and reground your body while you reconnect with the Earth you’ll probbaly feel significanty more relaxed by doing this simple tasks, and  I know you have at least five minutes to spare.

Check out this article on the benefits of reconnecting with Earth  http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/benefits-reconnecting-earth

My only thought is this:  If you want something bad enough then don’t let others judgments about you hold you back. You are so much bigger than simple judgments about who you are from those you don’t know. If the judgments are coming from your family perhaps start with a conversation or just ask them: Why do you need to judge me? Am I not living the desired life you want for me? If so, shouldn’t that end with my decision? Also, are you trying to guide me in the best possible route in life in hopes of reliving your life through me? What was your past like? Are you insecure about something which is making you push me into being something or someone I do not want to be or am simply not ready for?  You should be free to live as you choose – as long as you are respectful of others and choose to live a lifestyle where you help others along the way and do not harm. The sky is the limit and whatever you desire or dream of you can conquer and acquire. Remember, just don’t harm anyone on your way to the top; perhaps, you could always reach behind and grab a hand or two on your way up! It’s can be as simple as a smile or buying a coffee, no nice deed goes unnoticed. Help and love others and you will be helped too.


Remember, the sky is the limit. Don’t live by someone else’s standards, be bold and create your own life. Exactly how you imagined.


If you read my last post you realize the job opportunity just fell into my lap by being patient. Well, I have recently decided to have honeybees and almost in the same way, this idea fell into my lap as well. 

I grew up around my dad who always gardened and my Granny who always loved to garden, can, preserve, make pies and more. I never had a desire to garden until about three years ago which began with an herb garden. Since then, my desire has only grown. (We’ve canned an enormous amount of applesauce this fall – probably 50-60 jars, a mix of quarts and pints!) I have even grown such an interest I would consider homesteading – living a self-sufficient life off the land you live on. To me, this also includes living a chemical-free lifestyle (hello, Vivesan & Vivebloom!).

Anyways, about a year ago I read an article about honeybees and pondered the thought, never dreaming it would be something I would eventually really want to do. Six months ago, I read another article about honeybees dying due to toxic chemicals being sprayed on plants (Why do people need to use these toxic chemicals? It sort of makes me mad).  Four months ago, my dad mentioned some day if he ever has some spare time he would love to have honeybees. I never thought much about this comment at the time. Then, about a month ago I read this article –

“Are your Bee-Friendly Garden Plants Acutally Killing Bees?”- http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/08/14/your-bee-friendly-garden-killing-bees?cmpid=tp-ptnr-nourishedkitchen  

I signed the petition, decided I was going to have bees and let it go for the day. Bees would be a perfect fit where I currently live. We have property, 28 apple trees, a few pear trees, a black cherry tree, blackberries, and flower and vegetable gardens. We also use a carcinogen-free, pesticide-free agriculture line called Vivebloom that will NOT harm the honeybees or even insects (Vivebloom repels insects through Cation Exchange but it will not kill them). We even have a small pond for their water source and I got the okay from my parents. Amazing! Wait though, according to Michael Bublé, “the best is yet to come…”

Fast forward to the weekend of September 20-22 in Seven Springs, PA – the Mother Earth News Fair – a huge homesteading fair! We have a booth for Vivesan and Vivebloom (www.vivesan.com).  I attended three honeybee seminars and made friends with these guys — http://www.beethinking.com/ — the owners and creators of a variety of beehives! I had been looking at (and researching) about the top bar beehive as soon as I saw they were going to be at the tradeshow. I stopped at the their booth multiple times throughout the weekend to listen to other peoples conversations (you can learn alot by doing this!), and also asking questions of my own! 

Within the first hour they had sold the hives they had brought with them. But, I kept stopping back and chatting. Lets Fast forward again, to the end of the show. My dad and I stopped by and one hive had been hidden and was still for sale. The show special was 15% off the original price. Obviously, they probably weren’t going to sell it since the show was completely over for the weekend. We decided to negotiate. We did indeed. Thirty dollars off the show special price and I walked away with my first ever beehive! The price I paid is not nearly as expensive as the top bar hive and considering I’m still a completely novice, I would say it’s the perfect investment to get started until I decide I love it. Also, it’s a Langstroth hive  which is the traditional and most popular so it will be perfect to learn on since when I finally find a mentor, most likely, he will use this type. Long story short, I was never completely sold on beekeeping until about two weeks before Seven Springs and all of a sudden, I am walking away from the tradeshow with three one-hour seminars and a beehive under my belt! 

The lesson being: Be patient in life. If you are unsure of what you are doing or where you are going, give it time. Continue to explore and don’t be afraid to learn and try new things. I am so excited to have honeybees. I know what I will be asking for for Christmas: a Bee suit, smoker, and perhaps other beekeeper necessities, maybe even a book! 

Lastly, if you feel compelled, please sign the petition here to request Home Depot and Lowe’s to stop their use of neonicotoid insecticides which are killing the bees. http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/home-depot-and-lowes?source=c.url&r_by=5382364  


A photo of my beehive, currently sitting in my house. I plan to hopefully attract my own honeybees this spring with some lemongrass oil at the entrance. 

Self-Discovery Begins with Decluttering

Well, it sure has been a while since I have last made a blog post. What have I been up to, you may wonder. I’m not quite sure except to say a lot of self-discovery.

I am trying to decipher who I am as a person and where I belong. I am a person with many interests from cooking & baking, working out, photography, travel, homesteading, and lately I have taken an interest in honeybees. I am constantly wanting to learn everything I can and decide who it is I want to be when I grow up. I am 25 years old and I still don’t have it all (or even much of it) figured out. I have graduated college, spent three years working on a lobster boat (which you may have read from previous blog posts), and currently work for a local start-up company ( a company my dad and a partner began in 2009) while I live at home.

The company I currently work for has two product lines: Vivesan and Vivebloom. Vivesan is a line of carcinogen-free, scent-free household cleaners and Vivebloom: a carcinogen-free and pesticide free agriculture line with a Plant Booster and Freeze Protector. I have been even more dedicated to gaining more clients in the recent months than I had been in the past (at the start) and I demo quite frequently including most Saturdays.

I completely love the products I sell and demo and I would love to continue to help this business grow and thrive (which I can on my own time) but I have been desiring to branch out on my own and keep growing. I had been searching for jobs that would be a really great fit, while continuing to work and be patient, believing in time, I would find a perfect fit. My acupuncturist, Bob, always reminded me to be patient. When you are open and allow things to come to you, it will. It all started in the April after a vacation to St. Croix, I redesigned my room. You may think think, how does this have anything to do with going out on your own,etc but it does.  After returning, I re-painted transforming my four bedroom walls from an old, faded light blue color to a lively, airy strawberry mouse (I was aspiring for a color similar to the inside of a conch shell) where I instantly take a deep breath and relax every time I enter. Through this process of re decorating, I was able to thoroughly  declutter which rid any stuck energy in or around me and made room for more positive opportunities and new experiences to be discovered.

*This idea of energy, or chi, is common in Chinese medicine and also applies to the body. If one suppresses emotions  or continues in unhealthy habits for a period of time, the internal energy becomes stagnant and thus energy becomes stuck creating blockages, or even illness. When one lets go, and releases emotions or even in the sense of decluttering, you may feel lighter and thus energy flows better.

By allowing myself to be patient about discovering a job, the company contacted me about the opportunity. I since have had an interview as well as a follow-up interview and feel pretty hopeful and confident I am a perfect fit. I had filled out an application to be a travel guide with said company this past summer and did not get the experience but they had my information on hand and asked if I would be interested in this other position. It just about fell into my lap. My credentials fit perfectly, I have studied Spanish for over ten years (although I am a bit rusty, it will all come back to me – I was even watching the Spanish channel a few days ago for several hours!). Although, I love working from home and having this opportunity to explore self-discovery while working for a family business, this job opportunity is too good to pass up. I desire for some more experience in the corporate world and have always desired to be able to utilize Spanish in my career. Also, I still have weekends to promote what I truly believe in, a product that goes beyond green. I am looking forward continuing to grow and learn in a new environment with a more rigid schedule which will help me to maintain frequent workouts, etc.

To say the least, I am nervous yet excited for whatever may enter my life in the future. I am looking forward to future possibilities and opportunities. Even if it feels scary in the moment, if you remember to take it day by day, you will get through no matter what obstacle, challenge or roadblock you may encounter. Perhaps, all you may need is some recentering and maybe even some decluttering!

New relaxing strawberry mouse wall color with a beautiful shark painting that hangs above my bed.

New relaxing strawberry mouse wall color with a beautiful shark painting that hangs above my bed.

Sea Life.

Seriously, love seeing some of the amazing sea life we catch so here are a few things we’ve caught from this summer.

                                                                                                                                                                  scallop shell ^^

                                                                                                                                                              yellow sculpin ^^